Ice Blocking

January 21, 2008 at 11:23 pm (Activity) (, , )

If you’re ever really bored this is a great thing to do with a bunch of friends. It’s called ice blocking. What you do is you get a block of ice (should be big enough to sit on) that you can find at any grocery store. Then you find a hill, the bigger the hill the more extreme the ride will be. Next sit on the block of ice and ride down the hill. The tricky part of this stunt is trying to stay on the block of ice the whole trip down the hill. But once you’ve gone down the hill a few times you’ll be able to make it down no problem. Another issue you may have is that your butt gets really cold from sitting on the ice. To help with this issue, just get a towel and place it on the ice where you will sit.

Here is a video of people ice blocking.

As you notice, they are doing it on grass and not snow. If you want to make it more extreme try it on snow. You’ll go a lot faster and in my opinion it’s more fun.


  1. Shandell said,

    You know what else you can do is something my youth group used to do before we had to stop due to the number of people getting sent to emergency… It was called ‘fred sledding’. Its where you take an old refrigerator box (or the box from any large appliance) and use duct tape to adhere plastic (which can be found in rolls at Rona or other fine home hardware centres) to the bottom of the box. you then paint the box as you would any other noble mode of transportation and give your box a most suitable name. After this decoration and naming process, you find a large hill to suit your needs. My past experiences have all involved going to the aptly named ‘suicide hill’ which is conveniently close to the foothills hospital. This endeavor does in fact require snow, and if the snow is packed down and icy, you are definitely in for a good time.

  2. Marc said,

    Does it work on snow? Ive done it on grass twice and snow once, and the time on snow it didnt work so well, cause the ice slides on grass, but sticks to the snow. Mabey the snow wasn’t icy enough or completly packed down when I went, that would be sweet going down ice on ice.

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