Experience the Real Outdoors

January 29, 2008 at 7:58 pm (Activity) (, , , , )

So today in my sociology class my teacher was talking about camping.  He asked the class how many people have ever gone camping.  And I was shocked at how few people have ever gone camping.  Now I’m not talking with the huge RV or in a cabin type camping.  I’m talking about the real camping, in a tent, cooking over the fire.  So for today’s item on my list everyone is to go REAL camping before they die.


For my own personal experience camping in the woods is best.  You can camp in the prairies with very few trees, but it’s just not as beautiful.

Before you go camping ensure that you bring the appropriate equipment.

1.  Tent

2. Sleeping bag

3.  Food

4.  Wood for the fire, stuff to build a fire

5.  Warm clothes- it gets cold at night

6.  For people unsure about cooking food over a fire, a portable stove with gasoline

7.  Friends-always makes the trips more fun

There are so many available camping sites, you just need to look for them.  My personal favorite place is anywhere in Kananaskis Country (Canada).



  1. Allan said,

    i wish that tent was my house.

  2. Alaina said,

    i hate camping

  3. Shane said,

    Prairies are not as beautiful??? Girl, how can you enjoy the scenery in the woods with all those stupid trees in the way!!! And don’t get me started on those big rocks, those “mountains”, that prevent you from seeing anything!

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