Freeze Your Butt Off

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Now this is something that I think would be cool to do, stay at an ice hotel.  How often can you sleep outside in the winter time and not freeze to death?  This is your opportunity.  There are many ice hotels located around the world including Canada, Norway, Finland and Romania.

The original ice hotel was started in Sweden.  This ice hotel is located in the town of Jukkasjärvi, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.  I know what you’re thinking, isn’t it cold?  According to the people running the hotel it does not get below -5 degrees Celsius inside your room and they also provide warm accommodations too which are normal hotel rooms inside a building.

Quick Facts about the Ice Hotel in Sweden:

Cost:  $450-830 for two people for one night

Activities:  They provide many activities to enjoy while you’re there including snowmobiles, ice sculpting, snow shoeing, and skiing

What to wear:  They provide a warm sleeping bag for you as you do sleep on a block of ice, however all you need is a nice pair of thermal pajamas and you’ll be warm enough.

When can you come:  The Ice Hotel opens up on December 7th and it is open until the beginning of April.

Even though you may be cold for a night, this would be such an amazing place to go visit.




  1. Shandell said,

    better not sleep on that bed with your butt exposed, hate to imagine how painful that would be to peel off

  2. Vanessa said,

    I first read the comment and then the name, why am I not surprised?. I can’t imagine sleeping on a block of ice, this cannot be comfortable, couldn’t they but some sort of mattress on the block of ice? I mean really…

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