One Big Yawn Fest?

February 7, 2008 at 6:40 pm (Places) (, , , , , , , )

So last Sunday was the Super Bowl. And really if you ask me, any other time, if I like football, I would have to say no. But there’s something about the Super Bowl that intrigues me. Something about the million dollar commercials and the devoted fans, you can’t help but watch it.

However, why would you want to watch something on TV when you can watch it in person. For today’s item you are to attend the Super Bowl. This way you can be right in the action and see why everyone gets to into this game.

For those who don’t like football, there’s always the half time show which is always a joy, especially when Tom Petty is performing. You never know, you may experience a event that created so much buzz like the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake catastrophe.

If football isn’t your sport, March Madness is just over a month away!


  1. Allan said,

    the best part of the super bowl was tom petty… love that guy!

  2. boysandsun said,

    tom petty never grows old. he’s had the same haircut (if you call it a ‘cut’) for 40years.

    for me, i love those Manning boys. they are good boys. during Katrina, they rented a jet and distributed food for the survivors. they are good boys.

  3. Wendi said,

    tom petty never gets old. seriously. he’s looked the same for 40 years.

    for me, i love those Manning boys. They are good boys, during Katrina they rented a jet and flew down to distribute food to the survivors. They are just good boys.

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