Attached to a Rubber Band

February 8, 2008 at 10:00 am (Activity) (, , , , , , , , )

Sometime within your lifetime you have to go bungee jumping.  Yes this is on the extreme side, but once you do it you get such an adrenaline rush, you’ll be so happy that you did it.

Now if you are too scared to do this by yourself, some bungee jump sites allow you to jump tandem.  What this means is that  you jump with someone else.  So you can jump off the edge while hugging onto your friend.

There are so many different types of bungee jumps.  You can either attach the cord to your feet or around your body, you can jump off a bridge, cliff, helicopter, cave or crane.

Is it safe?

There have been many more safe successful jumps than ones that have resulted in an accident.  Just make sure that you go with a credited jumping company.  A.J. Hackett is a good company that is known for being safe.




  1. Melissa said,

    I’m so amazed at your gutts to jump off a bridge from a rubber band! haha
    Perhaps someday I’ll do it……ummm maybe not.

  2. Teri said,

    Nice Whit … I was wondering when you were going to post this!!! Can’t wait to see the blog on s.d. too. hehe.

  3. Ellyse said,

    Whitney! I can’t believe how brave you are. You blow me away girl.

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