Kiss me I’m Irish

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Seeing as today is St. Patty’s day, I think that everyone should celebrate this day in full fledged Irish Spirit.

Start off the day right by eating some Lucky Charms cereal.

As you take a shower, wash yourself with Irish Spring soap.

Get dressed, but make sure you have some green on you.  You don’t want to get pinched.

As you drive in your car, put on some Irish tunes.

In your spare time, write a wee o’ limerick to brighten up you day.

For those of you who drink, go to a pub and indulge in a pint of Guinness.

End off the day relaxing while watching an Irish-themed movie.  For example, Angela’s Ashes, Circle of Friends or The Commitments.

Everyone needs to see what being Irish is like for a day.  So this is your item of what you have to do before you die: live St. Patrick’s day like an Irish would.

If you really want to experience St. Patrick’s day the way the Irish would, splurge and go to Ireland and see how it’s really done.

Even the whole city of Chicago get in the Irish spirit by dying the Chicago River green.


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  1. Speedcat Hollydale said,

    Now THAT is cool!!!!!!

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