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I love sweets.  So when I came across this little store in Calgary I feel in love.  The store is called Crave and they sell amazing cupcakes.  All of their cupcakes are made right in the store and you can tell because the cupcakes are so fresh and delicious.  Then they put amazing icing on top and it is just something to die for.  So for today’s item of what you are to do before you die:  You have to go to Crave and have a cupcake.


Where is Crave located?  There are two located in Calgary.  One in Kensington and the other on 17th Ave.

One thing that makes Crave so great are their amazing icing-cupcake combinations.  Some include:

Lemon-Lime Twist:  White lemon cake with green lime butter cream icing

Crave-O-licious:   Chocolate cake with blue butter cream icing and chocolate sprinkles


The Princess: Chocolate or vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream icing flavored with strawberry puree.

Crave not only sells cupcakes, but also cookies and cakes.


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