Olympic Games

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I always enjoy watching the Olympics. It doesn’t matter if it’s the summer or the winter ones, I always find something interesting. I also love how everyone seems to get so into watching these games. People around the world are all tuning into their TV’s cheering on the athletes from their country. I can remember when the Olympics were on during exam week in high school and my brother and I watched the games all day long. If events weren’t live on TV, we watched the commentaries to the games from that day and replays. But how cool would it be to actually go and watch the games live. So for today’s item: You are to attend the Olympic games.

If you’re wanting to attend the Olympic games make sure that you plan early. Plan to buy your tickets at least a year in advance as some of the events sell out quickly.

This year are the summer Olympics in Beijing. Only 133 days to go! I’m especially excited for the winter Olympics in 2010 as their in my home country, Canada!

Here is a video from the 1996 Olympics. It is Dominique Moceanu’s amazing beam routine.



  1. Alicia said,

    This summer the international Olympic Games are going to take place in Beijing China. These games are one of the most popular sports games all over the world and this event is highly attended. I was wondering if I could find a chance to attend because tickets are always expensive in such important events. But a friend has recommended me a site where to compare ticket prices before purchasing. I can look for the cheapest prices offered and see which prices that I can afford.
    Summer Olympics Tickets

  2. admin102 said,

    Dude you rock but I wonder if you have gold medals and stuff’s for China…

  3. admin102 said,

    Well thos is awsome but China is the one isn’t it…. 😉

  4. KJ said,

    I love the Olympics, too! I love the overcoming, tenacious spirit. It speaks volumes to me!


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