When you’re here you’re family

March 31, 2008 at 2:29 pm (Food) (, , )

My favorite food is pasta.  So it makes sense that one of my favorite restaurants is the Olive Garden.  Just the fact that the majority of their menu is pasta puts a smile on my face.  But the absolute best part of the Olive Garden are the free bread sticks that you get at the start of the meal.  They come to your table all warm and garlicky.  So for today’s item:  You are to eat bread sticks from the Olive Garden.


With your meal, these bread sticks just keep coming.  When you finish your basket of bread sticks that waiter will come and give you a fresh basket full.  So this is what you do.  You wait until the end of your meal and then ask for a new basket of bread sticks and then take the bread sticks home with you to enjoy.  Sometimes the waiter will give you a special bag to but the bread sticks in so that you can heat them up in your oven at home and enjoy the goodness there!


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