Lazy Days of Summer

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Well this is the last week of classes and all I have on my mind is the summer. I love summer. The hot days, bright sun and enjoying not having to study for tests. But for most university students, summer means work. Get a job to make enough money to last for the upcoming year. So that’s my plan for the summer, to work. But I think everyone needs to spend the summer doing things that they like to do. So for today’s item: You are to have one amazing summer where you’re not stressed out and you do all the things you enjoy.

If you can’t think of things to do during the summer, I say remember back to when you were a kid and what did you like to do in the summertime? Here’s a list of things that I want to do this summer.

1. Go on roadtrips

2. Go camping

3. Slip ‘n Slide down in my backyard

4. Meet new people

5. Reconnect with old friends

6. Laugh often

7. Dance in the rain

8. Have an amazing time in Brazil

9. Go to the States

10. Eat ice cream everyday

11. Spend time with my family

12. Go to camp

13. Play football in the park

14. Help other people

15. Talk late into the night

16. Watch the sunrise

17. Chase after the ice cream truck

18. Suntan, not burn

19. Learn a new skill

20. Pick wildflowers

21. Play on hoodoos in Drumheller

22. Enjoy the outdoors

23. Not worry about the future

24. Fall asleep in a hammock

25. Visit an ocean

26. Have breakfast with my girls

27. Go 10 pin bowling

28. Make an impact in someone’s life

29. Become better at drama

30. Have the most amazing summer of my life.


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Feeling like a Hamster

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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a hamster rolling around in a giant ball? I don’t know about you, but I have. And well your curiosity can be seized because someone has created such a ball for humans! It’s called Zorbing. What is zorbing? Well what it is, is a person gets into a huge plastic ball and basically rolls down a hill.


Now there are two types of zorbing.

1. Bungee Zorb: This is where you are attached to the edge of the ball and you roll down the hill circling along with the ball. This may sound like it would hurt because you may be hitting the ground. This isn’t the case because the zorb actually consists of a smaller ball inside or a larger ball. You are attached to the side of the inner ball meaning that you never actually touch the ground.

2. Hydro Zorb: This is the zorb that I actually did. This is where they fill the inside of the inner ball with a few inches of water and you sit inside the inner ball and roll down the hill. The effect of this one is more like going down a water-slide. You actually do not get flipped upside down or anything like that. For this type of zorb you can actually have up to 3 people inside the zorb at a time.
This is an amazing invention and seriously everyone should try this because it’s not only fun, but also it’s for those people who are too scared to do the more extreme sports.

Where can you do this? I personally did it in Rotorua, New Zealand, but there are ones found in Australia, Ireland, and the United States.

Here is a video of a person doing a Hydro Zorb.

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